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Pin It and Pray Logo

Qualitity clothing and car care products for petrolheads

Celebrating extreme sports and those who love to live their life on the edge. Eco-friendly and high quality, our entire product range is manufactured to guarantee superior performance – the perfect clothing to endure extreme lifestyles. We are motivated by a passion for the scene and a desire to recognize and reward those individuals who are proud to unapologetically wear their hearts on their sleeves. Click on the picture to visit them.

Weldworx logo

Premium welding to the highest standards

WeldWorx is a welding and fabrication business that offers a bespoke service for any industry or individual. The idea behind WeldWorx is simple. They want to bring you the outstanding quality products you deserve. Click on the picture to visit them.

Aero Elite logo

Supreme automotive parts & supplies for over 170 retail brands and 180,000 products

Aero Elite pride themselves on providing exceptional attention to detail and top-quality services to all of their clients. Aero Elite are passionate about the automotive industry and have built their business on a foundation of expertise, experience, and dedication to excellence. Click on the picture to visit them.

Rivo's Hub Poole

Coffee Shop • Hot Food Box

Unique space • Excellent coffee • Great food Dine In / Outdoor Seating Imported parts & vehicles • Americana & memorabilia Barber shop • Car builds • Bike Nights • Meets, venue hire & events • Photo & YouTube shoot area graffiti wall • Click on the picture to visit them.

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