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If you buy from other sites you pay a commission. You may not see it in your price as it has to be included to cover the cost. We only pay the commission to the bank for your payment (approx. 1.6%), not the 15%+ which is the hidden cost to both you and the seller.
This means we can keep the cost down and we can hopefully pass any savings on to you!

A five-colour football team logo and personalised text are featured in the design you want. The films, the burned screen, wash-up, dry-out, block-out, drying, screen alignment, printing, printing, clean-up, break down and re-picking are all necessary to print a five-colour job for 25 shirts. In brief, it’s a lot of work and 25 shirts have to be done.
This comes with the additional cost of making the screens.
DTG/DTF can give close to photorealistic prints for prints on a single shirt to as many as you want but don’t come with the kudos of a screen-printed garment.

  • Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing uses special digital printers to spray water-based inks directly on t-shirts.

Both have advantages/disadvantages over each other, e.g. DTG is best on cotton whereas DTF is much better on manmade fabrics. 

DTG on cotton feels much better than DTF on cotton

  • DTG/DTF printing has advantages over screen printing when it comes to handling multiple colours, capturing image resolution and sharpness, reproducing photographic images, shortening set-up time, producing t-shirts in single units or small quantities, and promoting sustainability.

Screen printing transfers inks to t-shirts through a mesh partially blocked by a stencil shaped to outline the desired image.

Screen printing can be used to produce t-shirt designs with a limited number of colours in large quantities, taking significant set-up time and additional cost.

We can print on mugs, Perspex and leather and we keep expanding more options all the time.

Give us a call and we can see what we can achieve for you.

It should, with correct care last a long time!

  • We recommend that all garments with a print be washed inside out at less than 40 degrees, not to tumble dry them and if they require ironing, to be ironed inside out at as low a temperature as possible to prolong the life of the design.


  • We can print as close to photorealistic as possible because the printer we use has a printhead that is almost like the printer that many people use to print photos.

We can do as many as you want! The more you print, the cheaper per garment it becomes but one isn’t too small.
All print setups differ, depending on how much work we have to do to get it print ready depends on the cost.
We aim to give a special, high-quality print that will look and feel better than anything you can buy in the shops.
Straight Vector designs finished are the cheapest but having to go into Photoshop or Illustrator to edit the design will incur extra costs.
Once we have your design, reprints are quicker and cheaper.

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