What are the different types of printing that you offer?

Here we’ll quickly tell you the types of prints we can do, the advantages and disadvantages of them. We have a FAQs page if you want even more detail. If we haven’t answered your questions anywhere on the site, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll try to give you the answer!

Direct to Garment (DTG) is where a printer, very much like your printer at work or home, prints directly onto the fabric!

This puts the ink deeper into the fabric giving it a much nicer feel.

DTG can give photorealistic pictures but cannot be put onto all fabrics, eg. 100% polyester. On dark garments, a white layer also needs putting down after it has had a pre-treatment.

The print area can be as big as 34x52cm

This is recommended for jobs that require a high level of detail or special occasions

DTG printing

Direct-to-film (DTF) is where a printer prints onto a special film that the ink sticks to. A special glue sheet is then added to the first film and the image can be applied to the garment.

DTF is much better for application onto artificial fabrics but has a heavier feel when you touch it. 

Measures are taken to minimise the ‘heavy’ feel by a process of rasterisation.

The size can be as big as A3 (27x42cm)

This is recommended for more bulk orders, like workwear

Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a special vinyl that we put a design into a robo-cutter and then put onto the fabric on a heat press to allow the glue onto the vinyl to melt and let the vinyl become part of the fabric.

The designs are usually one colour, but can be more, and are very hard wearing, ideal for work jackets or hi -vis vests.

There is many options for HTV, like relective, holographic and flocked

customising clothing in Poole

Embroidery is the age-old art carried out by craftsmen and women over the centuries that’s been brought into the 21st century with computerised machines. 

These are ideal for presentation pieces on outer jackets or polo shirts.

We can also put designs onto baseball caps and beanies

Ricoma Embroidery
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